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Frequently Asked Questions

What camera do you use?

The beefy Canon Mark III!

Your photos are always so crisp and warm, how can I get my photos to look like that?

Aside from asking which camera I use, this is the most frequent question asked, so I made a tutorial! In short I use a custom profile on my Canon body, along with a really awesome prime lens.

What camera would you recommend for a starting photographer?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is that it all depends on how you plan to use your camera, but I’ve written a more detailed Beginner DSLR Buyer’s Guide, if you’re curious.

Where did you get your map bag/purse?! It’s the coolest camera bag ever!

I picked up the bag itself from an independent store here in Canada at one of our heritage malls, and even though I’ve scoured the inside for any type of label, unfortunately I’ve found none. As for the “camera bag” padding and compartments, that part I made myself! I took the insides of a camera bag that matched the same tones of my bag and just popped out the bottom and put it inside.

I love the quote on your About page, where is it from?

It came from the bottom of my heart and one cold January I integrated it into my site design and it has stuck with me ever since.

Should I buy Canon or Nikon? Does it matter?

In short, no, it doesn’t matter. One isn’t really better than the other, and any photographer worth their salt will tell you so. It’s really all about personal preference. There are differences and similarities to both.

I’m thinking of buying a camera but I’m unsure about the kit lens it comes with. Can you recommend a lens for me?

Yes I can! Here are my recommendations.

What is your favorite lens to use?

My Canon 50mm 1.4! However, since the XTi/7D are both crop bodies it acts more like an 80mm and I am considering an upgrade to a 30mm/35mm!

Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers?

Take photos every day and switch to manual mode as soon as you’re ready (or sooner)! Surround yourself by photographers you love. Be open to criticism (others and your own). Be willing to try new angles, subjects, and processing. Have fun!

Do you edit your photos? What do you use?

I do! I use Photoshop CS6 and usually give my photos a bit of a color boost. I don’t personally enjoy the look of heavily processed photos for my own personal work (though that definitely wasn’t always the case) so I don’t do much anymore. But recently I’ve been rediscovering the fabulous world of Photoshop in order to create my action sets.

Film or digital?

I think film is beautiful and that in a lot of ways it can never be replaced, but I don’t think that one is superior to the other. I think digital has opened a wondrous world for me. Once upon a time I was very careful and picky about what I chose to photograph, and though I experimented it wasn’t too often. Using digital allows me to take photos every single day, to take the same photo from several different angles, and I am mostly fearless. I learn a lot about composition by comparing the finished photos and I can see why one works better than the other. As a self-taught photographer this is an incredible asset.

I love your website! How did you make it? Will you help me make mine?

I use the WordPress platform and have my own host and domain! And while I definitely love helping, I don’t offer blog design or set up for free anymore. (It’s just too much work!) That said I really love doing it and if you need some help, email me and let me get a grasp on the scope of your project and we can definitely work something out.

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